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The Air-Conditioning, Heating,

and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)

is a North American Trade Association that represents the HVAC, Refrigeration and Water Heating industry. With 300+ member companies, our goal, along with our members, is to uphold and sustain the production of efficient, innovative and quality residential and commercial air-conditioning, space heating, water heating and commercial refrigeration equipment nationally and globally. AHRI’s main office is located in Arlington, VA.


AHRI employees constantly strive for personal and professional growth. Our company is made up of individuals that work together to resolve issues, break down barriers, partake in open dialogs, identify opportunities to grow our business and industry, give back to our community and have a great time, all at the same time!


Smiling Businesswoman

Gladys Canby

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Senior Director

Confident Businesswoman

Maye B. Dunn

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HR Generalist, Talent Acquisition & Retention

Woman Smiling in Suit

Polly C. Holder

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Senior HR Generalist

Strategic Objectives

To have global influence and be the source of HVACR and water heating equipment performance standards, certification programs, and information.

To be the leading, recognized, and indispensable voice in the development of environmental and energy policy that is impacting our industry.

To promote the health and well-being of our industry, and enhance the awareness and image of our industry.

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